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For women in their single season (SINGLE means unmarried. Including unmarried, but dating)! An annual holiday getaway , where you can relax and enjoy good company and grow in depth and your relationship with God, lifting each other up, forming lifelong friendships and mostly, discovering the passion, destiny and purpose attached to your season of ‘singleness’/ ‘dating’ and in the Waiting. Being single can often be daunting in this day and age. Because of what the world has made it out to be!


Where society teaches us that identity lies in what you have achieved (career, titles, marriage etc), the Bible teaches us that our identity lies in Jesus. The Bible also teaches us to be stewards. To sow and invest in the NOW, not just for yourself, but for generations to come. For our children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren. The mandate (in your waiting season) is to have a vision for what you would like to see in generations to come!


Singleness is, in fact, a waiting season (waiting for many things- but it’s not a limitation!!!) waiting seasons are sowing seasons. So what do you do while you wait? You build community. Create the right friendships. You draw closer to God and allow Him to shape you into who He has called and destined you to be. You prepare. You Become! Our next retreat will be in Johannesburg AND in Cape Town, South Africa! With some of the most incredible views and peaceful, picturesque environments, you are sure to leave feeling refreshed. Get ready to get your Holiday on! And to encounter God. You won't want to miss everything that has been planned.

Age Group: 19 - 35


Next retreat dates coming soon!

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