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The Table - Business & Leadership Seminar


Why 'The Table'? Because we believe that God has called every woman to lead, no one is exempt from being a leader! YOU ARE A LEADER! We believe that women are called to overcome, and collectively (through being inspired by each other) to be able to strategically break new ground, wherever that may be, and whoever they may be. There is nothing too far-fetched, and there is nothing you cannot do. Everyone has a seat at The Table.


The Table is a seminar for women who lead, women in business and women breaking ground in every spheres of life- the God way. From the business woman, to the stay-at-home mom, leader, pioneer, the dreamer and for the visionary woman. For the women in ministry, the mothers, the students, politicians, the caregivers, etc.


Be part of a one-day seminar with women who lead in different ways and learn more from the experiences of other women. How to start a business, how to overcome fear, how to be bold and courageously step up and do more than what you think you are limited to. DREAM BIGGER. Be inspired by our variety of guest speakers from around the world, who have stories about overcoming different obstacles and have risen above challenges in order to be all that God has called them to be.

Dates and location for the next seminar coming soon!

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