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Meet our Founder and CEO 

Sabrina is a lover-of-Jesus first. She  founded Reveal Woman in South Africa in the year 2019, after God gave her a vision of women in shackles, needing to be set free. Set free in their minds, hearts and souls. She tells of how God showed her that there was a need for women to be led, empowered and invested into- from a godly perspective. How does that start? With the revelation of God's love for you- and how He sees you. 

Sabrina's ministry is just that! To spread the gospel to those who have not yet had the revelation of the character of God. Having this revelation ushers you into every sphere of life, being exactly what God has called you to be. That's what the world needs!

She is passionate about ministry, as well as equipping and building leaders and women in all spheres of life. She is a worship leader,  humanitarian, a mentor, a writer and speaker.


She is passionate about justice and the rights of women and children. Her focus and determination is to inspire those near and far by bringing hope, perspective and change in the world we live in.  Furthermore, she is a Lawyer, a singer and songwriter who enjoys the creative and arts settings, where she feels inspired and filled. When she's not being CEO, releasing music, preaching or fighting for justice, you can find her in the kitchen and spending time with her loved ones! 

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